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Inspire the Next Generation of Diverse Technology Leaders.

C/I exists to cultivate the potential of America’s underserved youth and narrow the technical skills gap in our economies and the opportunity gap in our communities.

Our Programs

  • Code / Interactive

    Students learn the computer science fundamentals including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, and Python.

  • Camp / Interactive

    Students attend invitation-only retreats and workshops to escape the distractions and apply their CS skills.

  • Career / Interactive

    Students apply for paid summer internships at top tech startups to prepare for their future career.

Notable Press

  • “More than 2,000 underserved New York City high school students have participated in C/I’s merit-based classroom, camp and career programs since its start in 2001.”

    - - The Wall Street Journal
  • “When Lisandro Melendez and his teammates from Code/Interactive were tasked with coming up with an app that would help members of their Bronx community, one word instantly came to mind: safety.”

    - - Metro
  • “I want communities to know the opportunity gap exists, and I want students to know the demand for jobs in technology exists and that it’s easy to acquire these skills.”

    - - New York Observer
I believe that it's my responsibility to ensure that all students have access to the education and resources that will empower them to participate in the technology revolution.

Michael Denton, C/I Executive Director